Mass importing existing contacts

1. Download the sample spreadsheet (below) and open it using Excel, Numbers, or your favorite spreadsheet application.

2. Copy your contacts' information into the spreadsheet. You can include: 

  • First and last name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • Notes on the contact
  • Tags [Multiple tags can be added to each contact, separated in the spreadsheet by a space. See more on tags below.]

3. Export the spreadsheet as a CSV file

4. Sign in to Textline and select the Card icon in the left side bar to reach your Address Book.

5. Select the Import button and upload the CSV file you created.



Tags are labels that you can assign to contacts to group them internally. Once contacts are tagged, you can send Announcements (mass messages) to everyone with a specific tag. You can add multiple tags to a contact, separating your tags in the spreadsheet with a space.

Read more about using Tags by clicking here, and watch the tutorial video on Tagging Contacts here


 Watch the tutorial on Using the Address Book here