Departments: What they are & how to add them

What are Departments?

Departments represent different channels of communication. Each Department you create will have a unique phone number or business Facebook page through which you can communicate with your customers.

Depending on which pricing plan you’ve signed up for, you can start with between 1 and 5 Departments, but you can always purchase additional Departments to suit your company’s needs.


How do Departments function?

Messages sent and received within each Department are kept in separate Conversation Lists, which, if you have access to the Departments, you can easily toggle between (image below). Customers will need to use the unique Department phone number to send a text to that Department, and any text you send a customer will come from the phone number of the Department you're currently viewing.

If you decide to utilize multiple Departments, you can:


Why might I need multiple Departments?

You might need multiple departments if:

  • Your business has multiple physical locations that each need their own line
    • eg: a pizza chain may have 3 different Departments - one for each location.
  • Your business has multiple internal divisions that each need their own line
    • eg: Sales and Customer Support might need to maintain separate queues of customers
  • Your team members need different phone lines
    • eg: different sales people do not share clients, and need private lines


How to add a Department

Once you’ve created your account, your assigned Textline phone number will be your first Department.

To create additional Departments, click the Gear icon > Organization Settings > General, then click the blue New Department button. You can then choose to add an additional phone number or a business Facebook account (which enables you to incorporate your business's Facebook Messenger messages into Textline) as a Department.



If you choose to add a phone number, you will input the area code of your choice, and we will automatically assign you a new phone number. For instructions on adding Facebook as a Department, click here.

Once you’ve added multiple Departments to your account, you can toggle between them in the Conversation List by selecting the drop-down arrow next to the Department name.


Our various pricing plans include certain numbers of Departments, but you can always purchase additional Departments à la carte if you need them.


Watch tutorial video on Adding Departments here


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